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Semiconductor Single Charge Carrier Device or Semiconductor Single Carrier Spectrometer

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Douglas S. McGregor
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Researchers in Nuclear Engineering and the Phoenix Memorial Laboratory at the University of Michigan have developed a new semiconductor radiation spectrometer that utilizes single polarity sensing techniques. The new spectrometer operates at room temperature and has a wide number of applications such as: medical probes, detectors for medical instruments, portable radiation meter and spectrometer, personal dosimeter with spectroscopy features, remotely located radiation sensing devices, and high resolution gamma ray spectrometer.

Current planar designed gamma ray detectors fabricated from high atomic number compound semiconductors typically suffer resolution degradation from charge carrier trapping. Co-planar grid style semiconductor detectors do accomplish single polarity sensing with good results, but the co-planar devices often require two output signals and are complicated to manufacture.

The design of the new detector uses a simple method of single polarity sensing based on the Frisch grid.