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Sheet Metal Stamping Die Design for Warm Forming Application

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Amit K. Ghosh
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Keith Hughes
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Heating metals to modest temperatures above room temperature is known to create certain favorable conditions for forming sheet metals (increasing plasticity of the metals; or, providing increased strain rate failure and an increase in strain to failure), but can also cause strain localization, leading to decreased strain uniformity throughout the sheet. This causes certain areas of the sheet to become relatively weak and susceptible to fracture. Although heating metals is known to have advantages for stamping processes, the problem has been knowing how and where to heat the metals to avoid the unwanted problem of non-uniform sheet strength.


Researchers in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan have developed a proprietary sheet metal stamping technology that enables the production of higher quality sheet metals, with greater strain uniformity throughout and a reduced propensity for fracture. This proprietary sheet metal stamping technology allows for appropriate spatial heating of the metal and the minimization of heat loss to achieve uniform strain resistance of the fabricated metal sheet.

Applications and Advantages


  • Sheet metal with uniform stress resistance


  • Higer quality sheet metal
  • Reduced chance of fracture