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Cooper Urinary Tract Infection Program (CUTIP): Multifaceted Urinary Tract Infection Quality Improvement Program

Technology #2018-318

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The Cooper Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Program (CUTIP) is a multifaceted evidence-based infection control program for UTIs in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF) that uses an algorithmic process, staff education, and change champions to improve patient outcomes. Through use of best practices, CUTIP improves assessment and diagnosis of UTI in LTC residents. This meets the healthcare requisites to decrease the use of inappropriate tests and antibiotics. The goals of the program are to improve healthcare outcomes for patients in LTCF by reducing inappropriate antibiotic treatments for suspected UTIs. In turn, decreased facility expenditures, reduced treatment sequelae, and improved facility compliance with state and federal regulations will follow.


  • In house orientation training programs
  • Ongoing or continuing education training programs


  • Reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics
  • Reduced facilities cost
  • IMproved Compliance
  • Improved quality of care

Overview: Additional overview information can be found at the video located here: Introductory CUTIP Video

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