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A Method for the Generation of Crystalline Polymorphs

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Adam J. Matzger
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Most pharmaceuticals are distributed as solid doseages. In order to take action, they must dissolve in the gut and be absorbed into the blood stream. In many cases, the rate at which the drug dissolves can limit its effectiveness. Pharmaceutical compounds can be packed into more than one arrangement in the solid states known as polymorphs. Rapid and efficient methods of polymorph formation can be used to increase drug efficacy and shelf life.


University of Michigan researchers have discovered a method for controlling the ability of molecules to generate polymorphs. In particular, their intervention provides high-throughput systems and methods for guaranteeing and identifying new crystalline polymorphs. These polymorphs may be used to improve drugs, pigments, explosives, non-linear optical crystal, and solid-state reactive compounds.

Applications and Advantages


  • Drug companies can use this technology to protect themselves against others generating and patenting polymorphs


  • Having more than one solid form of a drug allows optimization of drug dissolution behavior and shelf life