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Selective Sorbents for Desulfurization of Liquid Fuels

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Ralph T. Yang
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Jeremy Nelson
Patent Protection
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UM File # 2172

Removing sulfur-containing compounds is an important operation in petroleum refining, since new legislation will require substantial reductions in the sulfur content of transportation fuels. This presents the challenge of selectively removing sulfur compounds from liquid fuels, for which commercial sorbents are not desirable.

Technology Description
Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a number of new sorbents for use in a number of applications. These include sorbents for: olefin paraffin separations, diene olefin separation or purification, and aromatics aliphatics separation and purification. These sorbents interact with chemical bonds rather than the weaker van der Waals interactions of previous sorbents. This allows the sorbents to be more selective than previous ones.

Applications • Oil refinement
Advantages • Selective removal of sulfur from liquid fuels