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Integrating Dosimeters for Homeland Security, Environmental, and Retrospective Dosimetry

Technology #2440-3

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Kimberlee J. Kearfott
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Richard Greeley
Senior Licensing Specialist, Engineering 734-936-2093
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Real-time radiation detection measurement methods are critical in situations where interception of these devices prior to a planned detonation or release of radioactive materials takes place as well as in the cargo screening areas and deployment of large radiation detection networks are highly desirable.

Technology Description

University of Michigan researchers have developed a method for determining the radiation type and energy distribution of a radiation source that outputs radiation. The method including providing a plurality of detector materials to the radiation. Each of the plurality of detector materials stores a signal in response to being exposed to the radiation. The signals are representative of the radiation. The plurality of detector materials is stimulated to output the signals as measured signals. These measured signals are used to determine the radiation type and energy distribution of the radiation.


  • Detection of radiological dispersive devicesor “dirty bombs”, illegal movement ofSpecial Nuclear Materials (SNM)
  • Cargo screening
  • Dating geological, archeological and othersamples


  • Real time measurement of radiation
  • Nearly portable device