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Automatic Trimming Algorithms for Micromechanical Circuits

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Clark T.C. Nguyen
Managed By
Keith Hughes
Assistant Director, Physical Sciences & Engineering 734-764-9429

Polysilicon wine-glass mode micromechanical disk resonators using a stemless, non-intrusive suspension structure have been demonstrated in both vacuum and atmospheric pressure at frequencies around 73.4 MHz with Q’s as high as 98,000 in vacuum, and 8,600 in atmosphere-the highest ever reported Q’s at this frequency range and in these environments for any on-chip micro-scale resonator. The Q of 98,000 in vacuum for this wine-glass mode resonator is more than 10X higher than measured on radial contour mode counterparts, and more than 8X higher than exhibited by published free-free beams at 70 MHz.