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High-Efficiency Neutron Detectors and Method of Making Same

Technology #2561

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Douglas S. McGregor
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Richard Greeley
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UM File # 2561

Semiconductor detectors coated with neutron reactive materials offer an alternative approach to scintillator-based neutron imaging devices for neutron radiography (normally scintillating screens coupled to photographic film or to other photorecording devices). The detectors also offer an alternative to He-3 proportional counters, BF3 proportional counters, Li-loaded glasses, and other scintillator-based systems for neutron detection.
Technology Description
University of Michigan researchers have invented neutron detectors that have detection efficiencies many times greater than present neutron detectors while remaining relatively thin, compact and rugged. The detectors detect neutrons of any energy including thermal neutrons.
Applications • Neutron detectors
Advantages • Thin • Compact