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Protein Patterning on SiO2 and Glass via Nano Imprint Lithography

Technology #2847

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Alan J. Hunt
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Kristen Wolff
Senior Licensing Specialist, Medical Devices 734-647-5604
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Current micro/nanofluidic technologies have limitations of planar fabrication, lithographic resolution limits, and sub-optimal materials for rapid prototyping.


This technology relates to imprint lithography to pattern a substrate for immobilizing target molecules comprises a substrate having a plurality of binding regions for binding select target molecules, with target-molecule-capturing agent immobilized at the binding regions. The binding regions are interspersed among other non-binding regions. The binding regions are of sub-micron size, have high selectivity and high binding capacity, and prevent or at least minimize loss of target molecule activity.

Applications and Advantages


  • Selective surface functionalization for-nl-biosensors and other devices


  • The ability to precisely position-nl-proteins opens up new areas of research-nl-as well as enabling the development of-nl-low-cost and robust nanotechnology of-nl-unprecedented small scale and efficiency.