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High Early Strength Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites with Strain Hardening Behavior

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Victor C. Li
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Richard Greeley
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As silicon technologies move into the nanometer regime, there is growing concern for the reliability of transistor devices. Device scaling may aggravate a number of long standing silicon failure mechanisms, and it may introduce a number of new non-trivial failure modes. Unless these reliability concerns are addressed, component yield and lifetime may soon be compromised.


Researchers at University of Michigan have developed low-cost reliable system design approach which provides fine-grained detection, diagnosis, recovery, and repair of silicon defects that occur while the system is in operation in the field. While traditional approaches require at least 100% overhead due to duplication of critical resources, this online testing-based approach provides the same level of protection with an overhead of 5.8%. Moreover, the coverage of this approach is good, with 89% of the total area of the prototype design effectively protected against silicon defects.

Applications and Advantages


  • Online testing for microprocessors defect
  • Protection mechanism for microprocessors pipelines and on-chip cache memories


  • Ultra low-cost
  • Very efficient with high coverage and-nl-low performance impacts