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Particle-Containing Complex Porous Materials

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Peter X. Ma
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Kristen Wolff
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US Patent Pending


Controlled release of biologically-active agents from a polymeric materials is a powerful means to deliver a therapeutic agent. In this approach, the therapeutic can be delivered to a localized area while minimizing unwanted systemic side effects, achieve high local dosage with small quantities of the therapeutic, and prevent unnecessary destruction of the molecule in delivery routes. The combination of such controlled release systems with tissue engineered constructs, which are often comprised of cell-seeded biodegradable polymers to restore, maintain, or improve tissue function, may provide synergistic effects on cell growth and tissue regeneration.


A suite of technologies has been developed that allow the fabrication of a 3-dimensional nano-fibrous scaffold system with the capability of delivering multiple biomolecules in distinct controlled patterns. The technologies include the encapsulation of proteins into micro-/nanospheres, the fabrication of porous nano-fibrous scaffolds and the incorporation of these micro-/nanospheres into the scaffold. These micro-/nanospheres contain one or multiple agents (molecules, ions, and/or their complexes) individually or in combination into a variety of porous materials. Micro-/nanospheres are good candidates for controlled release but in practice, combinations of micro-/nanospheres and polymeric scaffolds are difficult to fabricate for full effectiveness. The technologies described above circumvent current issues in impregnating polymeric scaffolds with micro-/nanospheres. In addition, it allows the release of multiple agents in distinct and controlled kinetics and thus brings about a more efficient and regulated regeneration of tissues.

Applications and Advantages


  • Controlled drug release
  • Tissue engineering


  • Release of multiple agents with distinct,-nl-controlled release kinetics
  • Tissue engineering