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Raman Analysis of OcularTissue

Technology #3117

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Blake J. Roessler
Managed By
Janani Ramaswamy
Licensing Specialist, Medical Deviceses 734-763-9081

Methods and apparatus are provided for evaluating a connective tissue condition of a patient (e.g., a disease, a risk of developing a disease, a risk of developing a fracture, etc.). For example, an indicator associated with the connective tissue condition may be generated. First, tissue at a first location of the body of the patient is irradiated using a light source. The tissue may be irradiated in vivo through the skin or via an incision, for example. Alternatively, a biopsy of the tissue may be irradiated. Then, spectral content information for light scattered, reflected, or transmitted by the irradiated tissue is determined. The spectral content information may be used, at least in part, to generate an indicator associated with a condition of connective tissue at a second location of the body of the patient, the second location remote from the first location. The indicator may, for example, assist a physician in diagnosing or ruling out the connective tissue condition.