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Evan Mayday's "Good" Death: Teaching Health Professionals Collaborative Care Video

Technology #3182


In today’s highly technological health care system there are times when the trajectory of life-threatening illness shifts from a curative focus to that of providing comfort as the patient faces death. This shift between cure and comfort is often the hardest decision process that health professionals face in their interactions with patients and families. Yet it is also one for which many are least prepared.


The film “Evan Mayday’s Good Death” is a highly emotional, educational, life-affirming documentary of how one team and one family confronted these painful and difficult issues. They all worked together to rise above their own issues, concerns, and fears so that they could collectively grant a dying patient’s last request. In an academic world where health professionals are educated in “silos” and then expected to function collaboratively in the clinical setting, this film illustrates how health professionals can work as a team, especially at end of life. Note that this film is only one part of the educational intervention. A vitally important guided discussion follows the film. A CD with guidelines for the educator in conducting and evaluating this educational intervention is included.

Applications and Advantages


  • Quality of Care Improvement
  • Continuing Education
  • End-of-Life Caregiving Training


  • Real patient scenario
  • Health professionals and students learn -nl- collaborative care and creativity
  • 2007 Videographer Award of Distinction
  • Captures essential patient, family, and staff needs