Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

anti-TCF4 Polyclonal Antibodies

Technology #3188


TCF4 is a key regulator in the WNT signaling cascade, many components in which are oncogenes or tumor suppressors. Mutations in TCF4 have been detected in a subset of colorectal tumors. The mutations were also found in cancer cell lines.


Researchers at the University of Michigan have generated an anti-TCF4 specific antibody. This chicken anti-TCF4 antibody was raised by injecting purified antigen (a bacterial fusion protein containing amino acid 55-236 fused to a poly-histidine tag) into chickens. Chicken IgY fractions were isolated and affinity purified. The antibodies have been described and have been used by other labs to detect TCF in the gut and in the pituitary.

Applications and Advantages


  • Since TCF4 may be a prominent marker in-nl-cancer of the intestinal epithlelia, this-nl-antibody can be used as an indicator for-nl-clinical diagnosis.
  • This antibody can be used in the research-nl-of the WNT signaling pathway.


  • Chicken anti-TCF4 antibody; can be used to reduce cross-reactions for certain assays.