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Immobilizing Particles onto Complex Surfaces

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Peter X. Ma
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Kristen Wolff
Senior Licensing Specialist, Medical Devices 734-647-5604
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Incorporation of particles within a porous structure is useful in the development of scaffold materials that can be used for tissue engineering. Particle immobilization techniques often include treating particle-containing porous materials with solvents to provide strong adhesion between the porous materials and the particles. In some instances, liquid immobilization might not be desirable due to incompatibility of solvent with the materials. There is thus a need to develop alternate methods to immobilize particles on various surfaces.


This invention describes a variety of solvent-based and non-solvent based approaches for treating porous materials and devices. Using these methods, the researchers can achieve stable incorporation and immobilization of microparticles and nanoparticles within porous structures. These methods are versatile and can also be used for modification of simpler flat surfaces or more complex curved surfaces.

Applications and Advantages


  • Surface modification for porous structures such as scaffolds


  • Versatile approach for flat or complex curved surfaces