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Antigen for Pax2 Monoclonal Antibody Generation

Technology #3764


Pax-2 belongs to a family of homebox genes that contain a paired domain, which binds to the DNA to initiate transcription of specific genes. As the first known kidney-specific gene to be expressed in the pronephros of the mouse embryo, Pax-2 is indispensable for ureteric bud development. Recent, scientists have found that activation of Pax-2 can contribute to a variety of renal diseases. Thus, Pax-2 can be a potential therapeutic target for renal diseases.


The C-terminal of Pax-2 is the transactivation domain, which is required for maximal activation potential of Pax-2. Researchers at the University of Michigan have generated a fusion protein of the C-terminal amino acids from the mouse Pax-2 cDNA fused to either GST or poly-Histidine. These constructs can be used as antigens for making Pax-2 specific antibodies.

Applications and Advantages


  • Make specific Pax-2 antibodies Advantages