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Biphasic Biodegradable Microparticles with Controlled Shapes

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Joerg Lahann
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Kristen Wolff
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There is increasing interest in precise control or particle shape in controlled drug delivery, cell-particle interactions and biosensors. So far, research has primarily focused on spherical particles, but other variables such as shape, anisotropy, and biodegradability can potentially affect the role of particles in these applications.


Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed biodegradable biphasic microparticles. Furthermore, they have relied on an electrified jetting process to fabricate multiphasic microparticles with different shapes such as spherical, discoid and rod-like structures. This new approach is exciting as it allows the design of better systems in areas such as controlled drug delivery, biosensors, cell particle interactions and scaffolds.

Applications and Advantages


  • Design and manufacturing of multiphasic particles for a variety of biomedical applications.


  • Biodegradable