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Machine Vision-Based Automatic Annotation of Chemical Databases

Technology #4055

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Kazuhiro Saitou
Managed By
Jessica Soulliere

ChemReader : Automated Annotation of Chemical Structure Database

The goal of this project is to develop an automated system annotating chemical database, ChemReader for recognizing chemical structure diagrams in research articles and linking them with entries in the database. ChemReader system consists of mainly four steps: 1) Document segmentation building logical relationships of objects and elements in the input literature and natural language processing of text components to extract the contextual scientific knowledge 2) Classification of chemical structure diagrams from documents objects or elements 3) Recognition step converting classified chemical structure diagrams into standard, searchable chemical file formats 4) Annotation of chemical database entries which match to extracted structures of step 3) with obtained knowledge at the step 1).

By annotating each molecule in the database with one or more relevant links to the scientific literature, the database would be a more useful resource to bio/chemical research scientists.