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Polymer Compositions and Nanofibrous Spheres

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Peter X. Ma
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Kristen Wolff
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Biomaterials play pivotal roles in engineering tissue regeneration and repair. To fabricate an entire organ or a large piece of tissue for transplantation, a predesigned scaffold with the patient-specific anatomy is required. However, there are often irregular shaped defects and wounds that need to be filled and repaired in clinics. In such cases, fluid-like injectable materials are advantageous because they allow for easy manipulation or minimally invasive procedures by surgeons to reduce complications, improving patient comfort and satisfaction.


Researchers at University of Michigan have developed new polymer compositions and their use to fabricate nanofibrous spheres and nanofibrous hollow spheres. The nanofibers of the spheres and hollow spheres mimic the structural feature of natural collagen fibers (a main component of natural extracellular matrix) at the nanometer scale and find a use in delivery and/or controlled release of biological or nonbiological molecules.

Applications and Advantages


  • Tissue regeneration
  • Medical devices
  • Insulating materials, gas/liquid absorbents, mechanical impact/vibration absorbents


  • Biodegradable
  • Can be irregular shaped