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Children's Dental Problems and Management

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Jan Ching Chun Hu, BDS, PhD
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Drew Bennett
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Parents and guardians are the “gatekeepers” of children’s dental care. Often, children’s dental fear, combined with a lack of a perception of need, might affect parents’ decision making concerning utilizing dental care services for their children. Dental providers face the challenge of informing parents about their child’s oral health status and the different dental procedures. A better method for conveying the child’s dental needs is often required.


The Pediatric Dentistry Flip-Chart was developed to help educate parents about their child’s dental care. Cartoons or illustrations are valuable tools in conveying necessary health information thus allowing discussion of perspectives of both the dental provider and the parent. A recent study has shown that parents who were informed of their children’s dental treatment plan with the help of these illustrations were more likely to follow through with their children’s dental restorative treatment than parent who were simply informed verbally. The Pediatric Dentistry Flip Chart provides pages of illustrations for the discussion of primary prevention, caries process, importance of space maintenance, consequences of the thumb habit, and it also includes clinical photographs of different types of restorative materials used in pediatric dentistry today.

Applications and Advantages


  • Pediatric Dental Practices
  • Pediatric Dental Education
  • Oral Health Literacy 


  • Provides illustrated examples of multiple common issues of Pediatric Dentistry