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CAI Testing Tool

Technology #4974


Blaise® is a questionnaire tool (software) developed by Statistics Netherlands and used by statistical agencies and large data collection organizations worldwide. Michigan’s CTT (described below) is possibly one of the the only tools that can help users more easily test instruments being contructed in Blaise, making it extremely useful to the Blaise user community. (Blaise is a registered trademark of Statistics Netherlands) Technology


Michigan’s CAI (Computer Assisted Interview) Testing Tool (CTT) is an executable program developed to provide a user interface to those who are testing Blaise instruments. The CTT allows the user to record bugs or changes in the application on a per question basis, simplifying edit time for the programmers. The advantage of using CTT is it helps to collect and manage the testing comments from CAI instruments. It also provides a seamless point of entry in the instrument and contains reports to help manage all the notes collected during testing.

Applications and Advantages


  • Collect and manage testing comments


  • Provides seemless point-of-entry
  • Record bugs and changes on per question basis