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A Smartphone-Based Device for Ecological Long-Term Monitoring of Patients with Psychiatric Disease

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Bipolar disorder is a common and severe psychiatric illness associated with devastating personal, social, and vocational consequences, with suicide occurring in up to 20% of cases. Clinical assessment is complex and often includes observation of speech and language patterns to gauge mood state. Opportunities for observation, however, are often short and occur in controlled settings that poorly represent patients’ day-to-day function.

Mobile application for long-term monitoring of psychiatric disease

A new mobile app has been developed to provide long-term monitoring of patients’ speech patterns and diagnosis of mood states while maintaining patient privacy. The algorithm used in the app performs analysis of speech features in a way that prevents reconstruction of words from the analyzed data. Thus, the app is able to provide continuous, personalized clinical information on the patient without compromising the privacy of patient speech. These features promote patient utilization of the app so that long-term, continuous data can be collected and used to improve patient care. In a longitudinal study, the app was used to provide personalized diagnoses of mood states to ten patients over periods of up to a year.


  • Long-term monitoring of psychiatric disease, including bipolar disorder.


  • Continuous, long-term collected of data
  • Preserves patient privacy
  • Personalized