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Teaching Video: Surgical Excision of a Multi-Lobular, Recurrent, Bartholin Duct Cyst

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Bartholin duct obstruction accounts for 2% of gynecologic visits annually. Duct obstruction often leads to Bartholin Cyst formation, a condition that can cause extreme discomfort in the patient. While some cysts will resolve without intervention, they often recur, sometimes with complication. Complicated, recurrent Bartholin cysts require surgical intervention to provide lasting relief for the patient.


Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an instructional video for the treatment of Bartholin duct cysts. This surgical video describes the etiology, diagnosis, and management of uncomplicated Bartholin duct cysts. The video provides specific attention to the pre-operative approach to recurrent and/or complicated Bartholin duct cysts, and demonstrates the surgical approach to removal of a complicated, recurrent Bartholin duct cyst. Suggestions for surgical techniques are provided.


NOTE: This video is available online for free viewing. Visit:

Applications and Advantages


  • Education, training for OB/GYN trainees and practitioners
  • Reference material for difficult Bartholin cyst cases


  • Demonstration of treatment of a complicated case
  • Clear explanation of tools and methods required