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Video Mashup Software

Technology #5183

Non-linear video editing

The current worldwide demand for state-of-the-art video editing software remains high, with a total market size of $633 millions and a growth rate of 7% as reported in 2009. The online video community is growing rapidly, as seen by the advent of YouTube and other online video services. Currently, video editing remains a challenging affair involving expert knowledge of non-linear editing software. Moreover, there are limits on video formatting and sizing, making it difficult for collaboration projects to proceed.

Innovative online video mashup

University of Michigan researchers have developed a video editing software that allows merging of multiple video files into a single, high-quality final product. The software will run on Mac OS-capable computers. It utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to open each video file in a specific directory, determine the proper final layout, and then combine the video and audio tracks together. This automation and standardization technology will foster online video collaboration, where artists can combine their videos into one single file.

Applications and Advantages


  • Online video collaboration projects
  • Online video editing


  • Automated, fast, easy-to-use video editing
  • Online (no need for user software)