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BioKIDS Application for iOS Devices

Technology #5200

Scientific study leads to the development of critical thinking and complex reasoning skills that can enhance student achievement.

Decades ago, only a small percentage of all jobs in the U.S. were considered technical. As technology has grown, so too has the demand for people who can think in the abstract terms of math and science. Today, technical jobs make up nearly one-third of all employment opportunities. Many educators believe that science education emphasizes the skills that prepare students to acquire and evaluate information and learn how to use it to understand and solve problems.

Science can be fun and engaging for kids!

Educators at the University of Michigan in conjunction with the Detroit Public School system have developed BioKIDS: Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species. BioKIDS is a unique science education program that teaches students to be better observers and places emphasis on critical thinking skills through the study of biodiversity. Using the iOS (e.g. iPod) BioKIDS App on handheld electronic devices, students gather data on living things in their schoolyard, upload the data to a central server, then get reports on the combined data for further analysis as part of the curriculum. This facilitates exploration of local biodiversity using advanced technologies as tools for research and learning. Use of the BioKIDS App as part of a science curriculum can help students become sophisticated thinkers and develop complex reasoning skills.

Applications and Advantages


  • Educational App
  • Increase interest in science and biodiversity
  • Teach students about species conservation and the environment


  • Fun software
  • Engaging
  • Easy to use