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Virtually Noncontact Excitation System

Technology #5211

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Bogdan Epureanu
Managed By
Drew Bennett
Associate Director - Software Licensing 734-615-4004
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US Patent Pending

An excitation system includes a pair of piezoelectric elements configured to apply respective excitation forces to a test structure, a clamp including an adjustable arm, the adjustable arm being configured to capture the test structure between the pair of piezoelectric elements, a controller coupled to the pair of piezoelectric elements and configured to generate a respective excitation control signal for each piezoelectric element, each excitation control signal being configured such that the respective excitation forces are matched to one another, and a pair of sensor film structures to generate respective output signals indicative of the excitation forces applied to the test structure, each sensor film structure being disposed between a respective one of the pair of piezoelectric elements and the test structure.