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Smartphone Application for Monitoring Wound Healing Progress

Technology #5300

Smart Phone Applications in Medicine

By 2015 it’s estimated that roughly 500 million people will have health-related applications on their mobile devices and smartphones. Current medical applications for mobile devices fall within two flavors: informational, providing the patient and physician with relevant medical knowledge quickly and easily or functional, using an add-on or hardware embedded in the mobile devices to take an active measurement to be used in making therapy and diagnostic decisions. These devices and applications then enable doctors to increase their point-of-care capabilities. Combined with the data transmission capabilities of mobile devices and the emergence of electronic medical records, it’s likely that that medically related mobile applications will become an even larger part of patient care in the future.

Mobile Application for Monitoring Wound Healing

Students and faculty in the departments of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Internal Medicine have teamed up to develop a mobile smart phone application for monitoring and assessing wound healing. The application would employ the powerful digital camera hardware embedded in today’s mobile devices to image the wound area. From there software would automatically assess the wound area, condition, and progress of wound healing. The application would also incorporate patient data to make prognoses for healing. This application could be used by the patient or physician to make therapeutic and healthcare decisions.