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Skin Tissue Biopsy Device

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Shorya Awtar
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Tiefei Dong
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The Pain in Skin Cancer Biopsy

In the US there are over 1million people per year diagnosed for some form of skin cancer.  The rate of mortality is increasing annually by 5% and is likely to continue to grow.  After a clinical assessment, the next step in diagnosing is to sample the tissue via a biopsy. Biopsies involve cutting a small section of the skin to be examined by specialized labs.  The extraction of the skin sample is painful, scarring, and has the potential for inadequately capturing enough tissue; resulting in the need for another biopsy. There is a clear need in the market for a biopsy device that can painlessly and efficiently sample skin tissue for the diagnosis of skin cancer.

The Ultimate Skin Tissue Biopsy Device

A device that can not only effectively capture a tissue sample painlessly but store it for analysis has been created. The device incorporates a unique design for biopsy with an intelligent storage case that can be used directly for imaging analysis. The team has developed a functional prototype that can be adjustable for any sample size. Clearly the need for a new device that can deliver the pain free sampling of skin tissue that over 1 million patients undergo each year has been met with this new technology.

Applications and Advantages


  • Skin tissue biopsy for skin disease markers


  • Minimal pain and rapid biopsy of skin tissue
  • Can be immediately imaged without sample removal
  • Design is capable of capturing varying sizes of sample