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Liar's Dice Game

Technology #5398

Mobile Apps

Thanks to advancing mobile device technology, applications designed to run on these devices has greatly increased in complexity. As the number of these applications reach the million, technologies that will make mobile app distinguish them from the rest will be extremely important in order to keep relevant.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Researchers in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at the University of Michigan have developed a mobile game that incorporates an Artificial Intelligence system built on the Soar cognitive architecture that plays against the user and learns from the experience. This could lead to a better user experience, greater capacity for customization and greater engagement from users. Key ingredients for capturing a large share of the $8 Billion mobile app world wide market.

Applications and Advantages


  • Mobile games
  • Instruction recognition
  • App personalization and customization


  • Increased user engagement
  • Challenge level tailored to user ability
  • Based on a well established AI architecture
  • Open source