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Ultrasound Method for Estimating Local Lung Compliance

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Jonathan M. Rubin
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US Patent Pending

Local Lung Compliance Measurements for Mechanical Ventilator Management An ultrasound method for estimating local lung compliance has been developed by researchers at the University of Michigan. This technique utilizes speckle tracking technology and offers simple, real-time local compliance measurements of a patient’s lung while on a mechanical ventilator. Currently, there are no viable methods to estimate local lung compliance. Compliance is a critical measure of pulmonary function and can be used for mechanical ventilator management to ensure adequate aeration of all areas of the lung, while preventing ventilator-induced lung injury.

Ultrasound Imaging Method for Estimating Local Lung Compliance This technique utilizes ultrasound strain imaging and surface motion tracking to estimate local lung compliance. A specially designed transducer array would be positioned and attached to the patient’s skin, similar to ECG leads. Signal processing software would then estimate the patient’s local lung compliance. Researchers have already shown successful tracking of the lung surface and measurement of local area deformation. This technique can be easily employed in intensive care units, while patients are on mechanical ventilators. Measurements will enable physicians to safely monitor, in real-time, respiration and adjust ventilator settings for the optimum and safe care of their patients.

Applications • Measurement of local lung compliance • Ventilator Management

Advantages • Real-time monitoring and measurement • Safe and non-invasive • Can be performed on ventilated patients without interruption in treatment