Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Research Volunteer Tracking

Technology #5430

Managing and recruitment volunteers for clinical research studies Recruiting participant volunteers for clinical research studies has traditionally been a major obstacle to their successful completion. Most attempts to address this problem have been focused on improving public awareness of the research process and identifying obstacles that keep potential participants from joining research studies. However, little has been done to improve the strategic planning and procedures employed by recruitment teams and to develop information technology solutions that could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment efforts. It has been shown that a streamlining of volunteer tracking and management could result in a significant increase in the number of recruits in clinical trials.

Web-based software to streamline recruitment of clinical subjects Here at the University of Michigan, we are developing a web-based software to aid in the recruiting and managing of patients for clinical studies at research institutions. This software will be cheap, secure, easy to integrate with existing clinical trials management software (CTMS), and highly customizable for the research market. An early prototype will see the refining of functionality and user interface after obtaining user feedback, and incorporate security measures in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. A rudimentary version of the software has already proven to be successful in a clinical trial for depression in children.

Applications - Development and management of research participant recruitment campaigns - Tracking of participant recruitment efforts, leads, and contacts - Tracking and scheduling of study participants

Advantages - Secure encryption - Easy to implement into existing CTMS software - Highly customizable