Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Difficult Decisions in Pediatric Care: Just Because We Can, Should We?

Technology #5446

Raising awareness of palliative care among practitioners and patients Palliative care focuses on the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual comfort of patients and their families. While the number of palliative programs has more than doubled since 2000, much progress remains to be made. Although the majority of the public does not know about the field, over 90 percent of people agreed it should be made available to patients and their families when made aware of palliative care options. By documenting patient experiences, this film examines how to best provide patient-centric care within the complex framework of the modern healthcare system and demonstrates how patient care benefits when palliative options are openly discussed and, when appropriate, initiated.

Educational film features case studies of five pediatric patients and families By focusing on the experiences of five patients and their families, the documentary is able to examine a variety of end-of-life issues while still providing sufficient depth to serve as a useful teaching tool for both medical students and practicing clinicians. Through film, this work raises awareness of palliative care options and prepares both future and present care providers to better integrate supportive care into the therapy regimens of chronically and terminally ill patients.

Applications • Educational film for students, caregivers, patients, families, and general public • Raise awareness of important and useful treatment regimen for chronic and terminally ill patients

Advantages • Designed to engage experts, practitioners, patients, and the general public • Focuses on experiences of life-limited patients and their families navigating the healthcare system