Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Improving the Education of Medical Professionals for Neurological Symptems

Technology #5504

There are over 20,000 neurologists in the U.S. performing neurological assessments every day. Each of these neurologists attempt to identify the root cause of the symptoms observed in their patients. Many symptoms have complex origins and require extensive knowledge on the various nervous system pathways. There is a need for an educational tool that can provide the necessary pathway to symptom information that physicians require on a daily basis.

App for Localizing Legions for the Nervous System

There is now an app that aids in the education of medical professionals interested in understanding the pathways of the human nervous system. The app is a tool designed to help localize the pathways involved in specific observed symptoms. The user can get improved localization by increasing the amount of signs observed.


  • Educational tool for both medical professionals and students Advantages


  • Assist in nervous system pathway understanding and interactions
  • Aid in locating symptom causing pathways
  • Provides high quality images of nervous system