Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Tool to Assist in the Manipulation of a Vehicle FE Model without Editable CAD Models

Technology #5536

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has greatly increased productivity and accuracy in the creation, modification and optimization of mechanical designs. When combined with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), it becomes a great tool for minimizing material usage and cost, verifying safety factors and specifications, and reducing the time from design to production. But when outsourcing design tasks, sometimes it is desirable to keep CAD data confidential to minimize the risk of technology theft and misuse and only provide FEA models to be worked upon. Currently, the modification of these FEA models is cumbersome without the full CAD geometry and requires large amounts of user interaction.

Automated Redesign and Analysis of Finite Element Models Researchers in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Michigan have developed software that automates the redesign of FEA models. The user only has to identify the parts that need to be redesigned, and the software creates a CAD geometry from the FEA model without those parts and after the modification has been completed, it merges the redesigned part with the original model with minimal interaction from the user.

Applications • Outsourcing CAD and FEA design tasks • Keeping CAD designs secure • Redesigning FEA models

Advantages • Reduced user interaction speeds up re-design process, reducing response time and design costs. • Reduces potential for CAD data theft and misuse