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Pain Tracking and Analysis Tool for Mobile Platforms

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Alexandre Dasilva
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Drew Bennett
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There are nearly 3 million people in the U.S. who suffer from some form of neuropathy. More than 12 percent of the US adult population or 1 in 4 households suffer from debilitating migraine attacks. These targeted pain disorders are debilitating and hard to manage for physicians and patients alike. Most current treatment options are based on trial and error of drug effectiveness based on subjective interpretations pain levels and location from the patient. For example, patients with trigeminal neuralgia have varying degrees of pain in seemingly different regions which increases the difficulty for the physician to prescribe a treatment dose appropriate for the level of pain. There is a need for a technology that can enable patients and physicians to track the headache and facial pain levels over time to improve the level of care given to this patient population.

App for Tracking Head and Facial Pain A new mobile application has been developed to provide tracking of pain both in severity and location for patients suffering head and facial pain. The app is an intuitive platform that enables users to interactively “paint” areas of pain on a 3D head. The 3D representation of patient pain can be tracked and analyzed over time to quantify the intensity of pain across various locations. This tool enables physicians to also maintain detailed records of pain patients and helps to determine the effectiveness of prescribed therapies. This technology is critical in the advancement of helping patients who suffer from chronic head and facial pains. Applications • Pain tracker for patients undergoing pain treatment programs • Clinical tool for physicians to track pain therapy effectiveness Advantages • Quick and intuitive entry of pain severity and coverage • Digital and storable questionnaire with analysis tools • Portable and convenient for use

Goals: Ever have a headache or facial pain that seemingly comes and goes without warning? Ever been diagnosed with migraines, TMD or facial neuralgias but feel that the medication or your ability to explain your pain is limited? PainTrek was developed to make it easier to track, analyze, and talk about pain for the millions suffering from migraines, TMD, or neuropathy. Using a “paint your pain” interface, users can easily enter the intensity and area of pain by simply dragging over a 3D head or pointing to where it hurts. Additional data can accompany the area of pain and the intensity such as nausea, dizziness, etc. Pain information can be entered as often as needed, can be viewed over time, and even analyzed to provide deeper understanding of pain.

Clinicians or researchers in need of a precise way to track pain for one or more subjects have additional tools to help. The PainTrek application measures pain area and progression using a unique and accurate anatomical 3D system. The head 3D model is based on a square grid system with vertical and horizontal coordinates using anatomical landmarks. Each quadrangle frames well-detailed craniofacial areas for a patient to indicate in real-time his/her exact pain location and intensity in a quantifiable method. This is combined with essential sensory and biopsychosocial questionnaires related to previous and ongoing treatments, and their rate of success/failure. The application integrates and displays such information in an intuitive way permitting the accurate analysis of multiple relevant pain data for clinical and research purposes.