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q: An Integrated Platform for Efficient Pipeline Configuration and Management

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Thomas E. Wilson
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Drew Bennett
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Developments in biotechnology tools such as high throughput screening have granted scientists the ability to gather large amounts of genetic information, protein expression biomarkers and other types information about biological systems. Analyzing and processing all this data is the goal of Bioinformatics, a new field at the intersection of biotechnology and information technology, which is revolutionizing the way drug discovery is done. One of the challenges in this new field is to optimize computational resource utilization in order to reduce the time to results, and to be able to effectively communicate the data collection and analysis steps required to reproduce the results.

Pipeline Optimization Researchers in the Department of Pathology and the Bioinformatics Department at the University of Michigan have developed q, an integrated software platform for efficient pipeline configuration and management. The q platform is designed to efficiently assemble complex job sequences to effectively use resources and to generate an exportable pipeline for full transparency and ease of collaboration. These two properties are essential to reduce the amount of time required to achieve results, a key metric in order to capture a share of the $64 billion in silico Drug Delivery industry. (14.5% CAGR)

Applications • Drug Discovery • Genomics • Proteomics • Systems Biology

Advantages • More efficient utilization of computational resources • Lower time to results • Increased transparency and ease of collaboration • Data protection • Error handling • Reduced programming knowledge requirement for scientists