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Technology #5708

LessonSketch is education software that helps researchers and educators create a learning environment. Features of LessonSketch include lesson planning, content discussions, media authoring tools, user tracking, and assessment and course creation tools. Current education software includes some of these features like lesson planning, forums, and course depiction tools. However, these software fail to combine all these features and to date, authoring capabilities are virtually absent in current education software. LessonSketch combines all these essential classroom assets including media authoring, making LessonSketch an invaluable asset for educators and researchers.

LessonSketch education software enables complete learning environment creation

LessonSketch is a Flashâ„¢ application that runs on open source course management system. Through classroom testing and teacher participation in sessions based on this software, LessonSketch has emerged as an effective lesson planning and education resource tool. Teachers and education researchers can develop and maintain classroom resources. Additionally, teachers and education researchers could use this software to flip the classroom, which entails classroom instruction at home and activity-based learning in the classroom. Lastly, LessonSketch is the only education software that allows media authoring. Other technologies in education include different aspects of this software, but no currently available education software combines all these features including media authoring. Increasing use of computers and technology in classrooms enables software like LessonSketch to gain traction and acceptance by educators and researchers alike.


  • Educators and education researchers can annotate media and create demonstrations.
  • Researchers and educators can plan lessons, manage forums and discussions, and create assessments.
  • Teachers can use this software to flip classrooms.


  • LessonSketch combines all features of currently available education software.
  • Media authoring tools are available in LessonSketch, which are not present in any other education software.