Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

Method for Prioritizing Search Criteria Relative to Different Sources and Types of Content

Technology #5715

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a technology that provides a quantitative and objective method of developing criteria, assigning weights, and employing a scoring system to identify best matches between searcher criteria and content from associated proprietary listings and database sources. Design Details The aforementioned technology allows a user to quickly and accurately search large sources (databases), and provides a unique and extremely effective means for acquiring the highest value content from these sources. Targeted towards business applications, the technology can help in identifying optimal sites for manufacturing, companies with highest probabilities of meeting searcher needs, and providing procurement systems to identify sources within geographic proximities. Overall, the technology provides a process to narrowly identify highest value content to meet the demand of searchers for many different types of applications (medical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing among others) Applications • Identifying best sites for manufacturing • Identifying companies with highest probability of meeting searcher needs • Providing procurement systems to identify sources within geographic proximities Advantages • Fast and accurate • Focused results