Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

EZ-ASSIGN Fortran Source Code for NMR Resonance Assignments

Technology #5729

EZ-ASSIGN autamates and facilitates the process of protein NMR resonance assignments. It is fast, robust, and applicable to the most complex spectra. NMR assignment is the process where N pieces on data (spinsystems) need to be placed on M categories (sequence positions). For perfect data N=M. M is typically between 50 and 500. For M=100, there 100999897..2 =100! = 10^256 permutations. This astronomic number prohibits an complete search. EZ-ASSIGN is structured to make an exhaustive search possible.


  • Semi-automatic NMR resonance assignment
  • Exhaustive resonance assignment
  • Fast resonance assignment
  • Assignment of large proteins
  • Assignment of incomplete data


  • EZ-ASSIGN reduces number of assignment permutaions by several 100 orders of magnitude, allowing fast, large and exhaustive assignments.