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Web-based intervention to reduce and prevent HIV

Technology #5825

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David Cordova
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Drew Bennett
Associate Director - Software Licensing 734-615-4004

This technology proposes to prevent and reduce HIV in Latino youth by adapting the Familias Unidas prevention program to a web-based media format. Familias Unidas is a Hispanic/Latino-specific, face-to-face, family-based HIV prevention program, that has recently been shown to be effective in reducing HIV risk behaviors in Hispanic youth. The technology here would expand the reach of the Familias Unidas program to a much larger audience and eliminate barriers to participation in this program. The technology will include online interactive learning media and short telenovelas (drama films).

HIV and the Latino community

The HIV epidemic disproportionately impacts the Hispanic/Latino community. For example, although the Hispanic/Latino population represents 16% of the total population of the United States, the population accounts for 20% of new HIV infections. Furthermore, the HIV infection rate for the Hispanic/Latino community is approximately three times that of Whites. The disproportionate impact of HIV on the Hispanic/Latino community results from numerous cultural and socioeconomic factors. The technology here is specifically designed to address the challenges surrounding HIV prevention in the Hispanic/Latino community.


  • Web-based HIV prevention


  • Reach large audience
  • Low barriers to use
  • Adaptation of proven HIV prevention program