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Web-Based Application for Chronic Disease Management

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Michael S. Klinkman MD
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Drew Bennett
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“Long-term clinical outcomes of care management for chronically depressed primary care patients: a report from the depression in primary care project.”
Annals of Family Medicine 2010 8(5):387-96, 2010
Designing CIS to improve decisions in depression disease management: a discourse analysis of front line practice.
AMIA Annu Symp Proc 2006 564-8, 2006
The role of clinical information technology in depression care management.
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This is a web-based application that is used to support behavioral health care management and chronic disease management. Chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and asthma affect over 145 million people, or almost half of the entire population of the United States. Among these chronic illnesses, severe depression affects 2% of the US adult population every year and causes more than 650,000 suicide attempts. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from depression do not receive appropriate care, despite availability of efficacious treatments. Studies show that the use of the collaborative care model to treat patients results in much better clinical outcomes across all chronic conditions. Technologies that assist in wider adoption and maintenance of collaborative care across all healthcare providers will dramatically improve the health and quality of life of patients diagnosed with chronic conditions. Clinical information systems are essential to successful implementation of chronic care model for treatment of depression and other chronic diseases as they provide access to key data on individual patients and population data to clinicians for improved patient care.

Web-based Application Supports Chronic Disease Management

Researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School developed a software application that supports all aspects of chronic disease care management. It allows care managers to enter patient clinical information into a simple interface, manage disease treatment, assess and track patient outcomes, and generate outcomes reports. This application has a portal where patients can directly complete questionnaires and surveys designed to monitor their progress, results of which are analyzed and recorded by the system. In addition, patients can access educational materials designed to help them in self-management of the disease. This software has been used at the University of Michigan Health System during a study on how care management affects long-term outcomes for patients with severe chronic depression.


  • Clinical IT tool to support for chronic disease management and behavioral health care management
  • Use with existing EMR software


  • Web-based application
  • Runs on HIPAA-compliant SSL servers
  • Simple user interface
  • Integrates several core functions
  • Provides customized outcome assessment
  • Standardized outcomes reporting
  • Customizable to include additional metrics
  • Direct patient interface