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A Method for Generating Provably Secure Random Numbers with the Least Assumptions

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Random number generation is essential in modern society for a variety of application, such as generating data encryption keys, simulating and modeling complex problems and so on. A reliable random number generator plays an indispensable role in many fields, from implementing fast algorithms and accurate physics simulation, to ensuring digital security and privacy. It has been shown that current cryptography technology is very vulnerable owing to the lack of reliable randomness. The key question to answer is that how one can generate provable secure and near perfect randomness starting from a weak source of randomness, using untrusted quantum devices, and without using additional randomness.

A reliable random number generator with the least assumptions

Recently, researchers at U-M have developed a novel method to generate trustworthy random numbers. Compared to current technology of cryptography, the new invention has been proven to be secure against the most attacks starting with weak randomness. It also doesn’t need to trust quantum devices with a fault tolerance.


  • Public key cryptographic systems
  • Other systems that requires high levels of confidence on security and quality of random number generation


  • The new methods can achieve (4.a) quantum security using (4.c) untrusted quantum devices with a weak randomness source and a tolerance of noises