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A You Tube Channel Communicating About the Science Behind Human Health Risks

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Andrew D. Maynard
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Drew Bennett
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Have you ever wondered if green potato chips are safe to eat? Or whether peeing in the swimming pool is a good idea? Or what makes something toxic?

  • Andrew Maynard is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Michigan, and directs the U-M Risk Science Center. His interests focus on effective science communication; the responsible development and use of emerging technologies – most notably nanotechnology and synthetic biology; and how understanding risk can help inform smart decisions. As well as writing a regular column for the journal Nature Nanotechnology, Andrew posts regularly on his personal blog “2020 Science”, and on Twitter as @2020science. He also produces short (and hopefully entertaining) educational videos on understanding health risks on the YouTube channel Risk Bites.

    Check out Dr. Maynard’s Risk Bites “YouTube Channel” today.

    Risk Bites has a snazzy new poster aimed at raising awareness of the video channel to K-12 students (and their teachers). Please do download the PDF here and pass it around! It’s interactive, so clicking on the images will take you straight to the respective videos.