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Customizable platform for comprehensive information management and tailored messaging in learning analytics

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Jared Tritz
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Technology Description

Advantagesation is facing numerous challenges in improving teaching and learning, student completion/retention rates and global competitiveness. Learning analytics is being adopted by a large number of educational institutions to improve student engagement and success. It involves collecting and analyzing comprehensive information about learners to optimize learning and the environments in which it occurs. Yet another improved approach that is being adopted to address these challenges is tailored coaching. Learning analytics and tailored coaching initiatives involve handling enormous volume of real-time or historic data that need to be extracted in a timely and efficient manner from several incompatible systems. Current software are mostly limited to data management and analysis and built to support tailored coaching projects. This disconnect between data management systems and tailored messaging systems makes individualized coaching a very tedious process to sustain for universities and schools that have several thousands of enrolled students.

Customizable platform for comprehensive information management and tailored messaging in learning analytics

In an attempt to address this issue the researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a software platform, which can support a tailored messaging system and manage several types of information which includes but is not limited to email messages sent to students, peer evaluation of assignments, loading and exporting data from web applications, data analysis and data archiving. The inventors have successfully tested this platform via the E2Coach system that provides individualized coaching to physics students at the University of Michigan based on the information obtained about the students. These software modules can be further improved and customized to provide custom solutions to specific needs. This unified technology thus facilitates individualized coaching and learning analytics initiatives in an efficient manner.


Information management and tailored messaging in: * Individualized coaching initiatives for students in their coursework * Learning analytics initiatives at universities, schools and tutoring companies * Educational data mining * Web-based e-learning/online tutoring platforms like Coursera * The public health and healthcare industries to promote healthy lifestyle in individuals and to improve patient compliance with tailored content (upon further customization of the platform)


  • Comprehensive- single software can handle tailored messaging feature and information management
  • Customizable for specific needs in the context of learning analytics research
  • The platform has the ability to manage both historic and dynamic (real-time) data
  • This technology would boost student success rate and retention in courses