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inkblots: CBT video website for college-age intervention

Technology #6086

Over one quarter of young adults experience some depressive episode by age 19 and most mental disorders first manifest by age 24. Because of this, college can be a troubling time for many students. Unfortunately, most of those in need do not seek treatment for a variety of reasons. inkblots, an online series of video modules, enhances the delivery of mental health services by providing short, accessible, and engaging tutorials to patients over the internet. inkblots uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a form of treatment that has been shown to effectively address many of the issues facing college students, to deliver specific lessons and coping strategies to improve the lives of young adults.

Relevant cognitive behavioral therapy

Since treatment strategies can vary by patient age, inkblots tailors its CBT videos to speak to college-aged students specifically. Each video is covers an important coping skill in under five minutes. With relatable narratives, slick production, and accessible language, this video series will both engage and inform viewers. By reaching out to this vulnerable and underserved population, inkbots represents a powerful platform to improve mental health young adults.


  • Mental health modules for young adults


  • Engaging: excellent production quality
  • Relevant: credible and relatable delivery
  • Convenient: widely accessible videos <5 minutes
  • Practical: straightforward delivery and immediate application