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Neuroanatomy Board Game - The Lesion: Charcot's Tournament

Technology #6231

The use of board games as educational tools has led to the creation of games which re-emphasize material learned in class and allow for the development of greater understanding of complex issues. Games designed for medical education cover a wide variety of topics and number up to 184 games relating to medicine produced since 1935. With 17,000 medical school graduates in the US each year, the potential audience for entertaining and educational medical board games is great.

Neuroanatomy education and entertainment through game play

Until now, there has not been a medical education board game for enhancing understanding of the process for diagnosis of neurological issues by “finding the lesion” as neurologists term it. Neurological symptoms from patients can be varied and issues are diagnosed by determining which pathway is not functioning correctly based on patient symptoms. The board game The Lesion allows students of clinical neurology to prove their prowess by pinpointing the pathway disruptions which lead to neurological disease, enhancing their knowledge of neuroanatomy through entertaining game play.


  • Entertaining game play
  • Study-aid for medical students
  • Enhance understanding of neurological pathways


  • Simple and entertaining board game
  • Does not require previous knowledge of neuroanatomy
  • Emphasizes neurological pathways and diagnosis

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