Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

MyChemoCare Teleconsultation App to Address Chemotherapeutic Symptoms

Technology #6271

This mobile app enhances personal communications between doctors and chemotherapy patients who may be far from their specialist or have difficulty making frequent trips to the in-person consultations by facilitating easy tracking and discussion of symptoms. Telemedicine is a growing market valued at approximately $7.6 billion, aiming to improve healthcare outcomes for remote populations while reducing costs. Mobile medical apps, in particular, have a booming market valued at $150 million in 2012 with an annual growth rate of 25%.

Rapid and Secure Doctor-patient Communication

The technology will enhance doctor-patient relations in chemotherapy by allowing the rapid and direct communication of patient symptoms from the patient to the doctor through a secure mobile app available on commonly-owned technologies such as the iPad and iPhone. The doctor can then provide prompt recommendations for action through the same technology. This will reduce overall chemotherapy costs to patients and payers in terms of appointment fees and in travel and opportunity costs. Additionally, previous research in this area has shown that teleconsultations can provide noticeable psychosocial benefits in addition to potential reduction in healthcare costs. (See Lu et al. 2013 )


  • Creates a direct link between doctors and patients to enhance communication
  • Keeps an automatic record of patient symptoms and severity
  • Provides specialized interface designed to aid patients in communicating chemotherapy symptoms


  • Secure method of communication
  • Does not require patients to buy specialized technology
  • Move from paper-based information to tablet-based interactive program