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Task-Enabling Exercise

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Task Enabling Exercise
Jane E. Dutton
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The Task-Enabling Exercise™ is a reflective process that makes task-enabling, or helping, more visible, intentional, and impactful for you and others. After you reflect on a specific experience of task-enabling and how it was effective or ineffective, the TEE™ guides you through the process of identifying task-enabling patterns and devising an action plan to make task-enabling an intentional habit.

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The Task-Enabling™ Exercise (TEE™) is a workbook grounded in empirical research. Possible uses of the workbook include:

·  Classroom exercise: Instructors use the TEE™ to assist their students in building high-quality connections and enhancing team performance.

·  One-on-one coaching: Coaches use the TEE™ to guide clients on how to be healthier and more effective by understanding how to encourage and facilitate better task-enabling.

·  Group workshops: Organizations invite employees to participate in the TEE™ to increase effectiveness of helping and being helped and to foster employee development, growth, and thriving.

·  Self-development:  Individuals use the TEE™ to enable themselves to more effectively help and be helped.

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