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Bitline Physical Unclonable Function

Technology #6289

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Kevin Fu
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Joohee Kim
Licensing Specialist, Physical Sciences & Engineering 734-764-8202
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US Patent Pending


Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) are a class of circuits that implement functions defined by the unique manufacturing variation of each instance. This means the PUF on each circuit instance is a unique feature that identifies the chip.


This inventive element is a new type of PUF that shared much of its circuitry with existing Static Random Access Memory.


  • low-cost unclonable authentication
  • anti-counterfeiting
  • Identification


Because it uses primarily ubiquitous SRAM, it can be implemented as an add-on to almost any VLSI circuit, and this makes the cost low and the potential market large. Compared to other PUFs, the parallel structure of SRAM gives the invented Bitline PUF capability for much higher bandwidth of operation.