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Self-Instructional Voiding/Intake Diary and Individualizing Target Bladder Health Goals through Beverage Management

Technology #6296

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Janis Miller
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Jessica Soulliere

Simple self-interpretation of a basic voiding / intake diary could help persons evaluate self-habits for balder health through beverage management. Simple adjustments to void patters or intake patterns can relieve or prevent the development or the common symptom of urinary incontinence.

This tool allows simple recording with a visual display of information about an individuals intake and output patterns. The accompanying summative instructional reduces the complex information into four key indicates of good bladder health habits.

Applications - Public health informational - Teaching material for urogynecology or urology patients - Commercial products for incontinence - Research studies that use void / beverage diaries

Advantages - Self-paced instructional with visual indicators and tips for filling out and interpreting a complex diary, for the lay public or primary health care providers - Self-Assessment potential